Measured Drawings

Arch-Des Measured Drawings

Architects need exact measurements in order to design buildings. Even the ancients would depend on accuracy. The ancient pyramids of Egypt are developed on perfectly square structures. Each of the four walls of a pyramid’s structure had to fulfil exactly with right angles before the pyramid could be developed. The tools of the architectural trade have actually developed over the centuries, numerous of the basic building ideas hold true and precision is as essential as ever.

Today, designers utilise algebra, computer aided design software application, illustrations, and a range of mechanical, computerised, and laser measuring tools.


Measure drawings are drawn for any residential houses, flats, commercial, shops, doctors surgeries and ecclesiastical projects for approval by the planning and building control. Property floor plans can be provided for any of these projects. The internal layout information shown on floor plans depends entirely on your needs and what you wish to be shown. This may vary for the purpose of design, planning or feasibility.This can be from the basic layout of walls, windows and doors or through to all fixtures and fittings including electrical sockets positioning, lights and switches, columns and beams.

Measured drawing services for other architects or designers can be provided.